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Coronavirus: Dubai amends travel protocols, eliminates some requirements

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Press Release


Dubai amended its coronavirus travel protocols to “ease procedures for passengers” by exempting UAE nationals from the PCR test requirement, the Dubai Media Office (DMO) said on Friday.

“According to the revised protocols, Emiratis returning to Dubai from overseas are not required to do a PCR test prior to departure, regardless of the country they are coming from and the time spent there. They will only be required to conduct a PCR test on arrival in Dubai,” according to a statement by DMO.

Meanwhile, all residents (non-Emiratis) and tourists arriving in Dubai still have to undergo a PCR test prior to departure to Dubai.

“Transit passengers from some countries are required to conduct a PCR test prior to departure for Dubai. The pre-travel test is also mandatory for transit passengers if their destination country requires them to do so,” DMO said.

As for travelers departing from Dubai to any other destination, whether they are Emiratis, residents or tourists, they are only required to undergo a PCR test prior to departure if the country of destination requires a negative test certificate before they begin their journey.

Press Release

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