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Forum italiano export a Dubai

Forum italiano export a Dubai

Si terrà, lunedì 21 marzo 2022, nell’ambito di Expo Dubai 2020, l’evento organizzato - dal Forum Italiano dell’Export (Presieduto da Lorenzo Zurino) e da Lawrence Partners, con il patrocinio della Regione Campania, il Fondo Europeo di Sviluppo Regionale della Regione...

The new challenges in business

We live in rapidly changing times, especially for businesses. Consider that, in a single generation, businesses have had to adapt to entirely new marketing channels (web and social), decide how to invest in and utilize new technologies, and compete on a global stage — things that were barely imaginable to our parents’ and grandparents’ generations.

One side effect of these rapid changes and growth is that no single CEO — or any employee, for that matter — can be an expert in everything. This was, perhaps, always true, but it has never been more apparent.

This is why, you should know those 4 challenges in business and how to avoid them in future.

Start Ups and even owner of small Business have a couple of common challenges with their Online Business.

1- Customers and Clients:

It’s very important to cache the clients because without clients there is no business. It’s more important to have one big client and take care of him rather than have a lot of clients.

The Goal here is to know how to generate Quality Leads automatically and convert them into buyers.

2- Customer Relationship Management

The CRM Software or system is actually not to act as a database where you store all the data of your exisiting customers, but you can build a buying Lifecycle for each customer individually, You need even this System to follow up and follow through, this is essential to build a long Term Relationship and convert Customers into Clients.

3-  Choosing the right Tools and the Issue of Implementation 

Most of Entrepreneurs don’t have all skills in web Designer or IT Experts. They might have quality product or good services. But when it comes to how market and sell is a big challenge.

Challenge to choose the right Marketing tools to automate the Business. Once you find the right Tools after getting some Ideas maybe from Business Partners, you still need to implement all your Strategies into these Tools.

4- The right Framework for Marketing and Sales Strategies

Marketing and Sales are science need to follow from the beginning a scalable solution and strategie for that, its not something you will leave for luck otherwise you will struggle and maybe it will cost you more Time and Money to fix these Issues or even build a complete new System based on a Global Strategie that works everytime.

What is the Mission of Next Marketing Secrets ?

Time and money are very important key for successful business. You don’t need to spend an immense amount of time and money on trail to find the right formula for success in your business,

you can use our Shortcut and Blueprint for Your Growth in your business activities. You will save TIME so that you can focus on other aspects of integrated life.

We will share with You how to approach things on the right way in order to reach the desired results, in record time.

With our Business Blueprint for Sales and Marketing we help Entrepreneur to automate their Business Online, to become more visible, scalable and grow their Revenues faster.

We will help you build the Path to your desired Future!

No more Working in your Business!
No more struggling!
No more working for someone’s Dreams!

It’s Time to take your Future into your own Hands and create your own

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Patrizia Marin

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