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WCA: NFT, Blockchain, Sport and Fashion

WCA: NFT, Blockchain, Sport and Fashion

The WCA - World Cup Apes EVENT was held on 20 September in the prestigious and original venue Foundry Art Gallery in downtown, in Dubai. Together with ECOX, and in partnership with Marco Polo Experience, Luca Picasso and Daniele Mangano presented NFTs as a new form of...

Goldfingr the 1st Digitized Deal Club & Mastermind Network

My day in Dubai at Goldfingr exclusive event in Armani Hotel

Goldfingr is the 1st Digitized Deal Club & Mastermind Network Integrating Investing, Networking, & Entertainment. Connecting the power structures facilitates global change. Based on the Mastermind Principle

Goldfingr is the modern paradigm of social clubs – a think tank, incubator and socially conscious business accelerator.  We use technology, events and brick and mortar social clubs to keep our members connected.  We’ve integrated raising capital, investing, business, the arts, entertainment and social, adding unprecedented value to our members, with a complete VIP experience.

Goldfingr Ethos

Give 1st – Always add value

The following principles of our ethos and culture are essential to create a new paradigm:

Mastermind principle, Exclusive unit, Authenticity, Self-Actualization, Gifting, Participation, Responsibility, Integrity, Radical self-expression, Radical success, Consideration.

Goldfingr Mission

To create an alternative, innovative and forward thinking society, based on the mastermind principle.

Goldfingr is the 1st Virtual Mastermind & Global Investment Club, founded in 2014.

We are the Amazon for investing – Taking Crypto to Mass Adoption

Think of combining Clubhouse, Zoom, Telegram, Netflix, Goldman Sachs, with 5 Existing Revenue Streams – integrated with our M1NT Token, Token Launch Pad, and DeFi Exchange.

Goldfingr is the modern day Linkedin, focused on what is needed in this innovation Age, valued connections, efficient access to Capital and ways for investors to make money.

As the Amazon of deal-making, our influential global network innovates, incubates, accelerates, and funds Top Projects.

Users can contribute their talents and be paid in the global settlement token, M1NT, wich can be converted to local currency at the touch of a button.

Goldfingr Solution

We connect members in person at Goldfingr social club and events, while using our mobile app as the ultimate tool to keep them connected.

Goldfingr Technology

Goldfingr mobile app accelerates access to: Social Clubs, Business Deals, Investment Capital, Professional Services, Art, Luxury Brands, Exclusive Venues, Services and Events.

Goldfingr Club

We are a global movement of successful and influential people, with a common interest of enriching the world.

Today Wednesday, June 23rd, in Dubai the In – Person Deal Club, at Armani Hotel

Part 1:

Deal Club

Venue: Armani Ballroom at Burj Khalifa

8:30 – 9am: Registration

9 – 10:15am: Goldfingr Talks

10:15- 10:30am: Break

10:30am – 12pm: Entrepreneurs Pitch To Investors

12 – 1pm: Mastermind Roundtables

1 – 2pm: Lunch Break

2 – 3:30pm: Investors Pitch Portfolio Deals for Co-Investment

3:30 – 4:30pm: Mastermind Roundtables

Patrizia Marin

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