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Ramadan Guidelines for 2022 in UAE

Ramadan Guidelines for 2022 in UAE

Muslims all over the world celebrated Ramadan this weekend, with the holy month beginning on Saturday, April 2nd in the United Arab Emirates. In the Islamic calendar, Ramadan is the most important month, it occurs when Muslims observe a 30-day fast from dawn to dusk....

Yerba Mate God’s Gift To Generous Hearts

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Solaf Azzam


Yerba Mate (  متة ) is a traditional South American brew that’s fast gaining fresh popularity across the world. This herbal drink is known to have ‘the strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea and also the euphoria of natural chocolate’. Packed full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, Yerba Mate was referred to as ‘the drink of gods’ by the Aboriginal population and also ‘the gold of Indios’ by early European colonists. Below will find more why this herbal drink is beneficial and legend story behind naming the Yerba Mate ( The Planet Of God )

Yerba Mate is a nutritional powerhouse, it’s rich in positive health components, containing numerous nutrients and antioxidants that support your internal system. It contains multiple stimulants, similar to those found in coffee and chocolate and the brew’s bitter compounds have an anti-inflammatory, cholesterol-lowering property. Yerba Mate has higher antioxidant counts than green tea, helping you to clean your body from adverse toxins. The herbal drink actively contains seven key amino acids and nearly every essential vitamin and mineral that your body needs.

It Boosts Energy & Improves Focus. Yerba Mate is well regarded for its abundant energy boosting properties. The brew’s caffeine level is lower than coffee but higher than a regular tea. Compared to other stimulants, Yerba Mate delivers a smooth and balanced increase in your energy levels. Caffeine also holds this immediate effect on focus and concentration, making you more productive and motivated by stimulating the production of dopamine. Proponents of Yerba mate say that it can relieve fatigue, promote weight loss, ease depression, and help treat headaches and various other conditions.

You may be surprised to hear that the tradition of drinking Yerba mate isn’t just present in its origin countries Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay – but also in regions of the Middle East. Over the course of this 160-year intercontinental drama, the Syrian and Lebanese immigrants who landed in South America settled into the local social landscape quite well and made a striking impact on the continent. Those who returned to the Levant brought with them the trappings of their adopted homes–among them was Yerba mate.

Syrians and the Lebanese prepare mate by adding Yerba mate and hot water to a gourd – and then stirring it. The South American creates a little mound (montañita) to one side of the gourd so that the flavor of the Yerba mate is released slowly over time. Instead, Syrians and the Lebanese add Yerba Mate to about half of the gourd or cup, then add water on top and stir it with the bombilla or ( Masassa – مصاصة متة ) . In this way, the Yerba Mate is more of a tea infusion.  Also Syrians and the Lebanese clean the bombilla between drinkers with a lemon slice. Another big difference is the cleaning of the bombilla. Since Yerba mate is served on a tray, you’ll see a lemon slice on a small plate, which is used to sanitize the straw between drinkers.  South American drinkers of Yerba mate do not clean the bombilla between drinkers. In fact, fussiness about Yerba Mate cleanliness is generally considered anti-social.

From a Yerba Mate proponent: “ Mate is not only for socializing is also a great travel partner for those who travel solo, it gives the feeling like its home wherevere you travel “

The time we set to have that sip of this drink is a happy relaxing time , and it’s a heart time talk connect between friends and families. From Mate’s lovers

The legend story of Mate and why they called it ( The Planet Of God ). Which is quite close to the heart as it shows what really Mate time is for those who love to drink Mate. This is not the only tale regarding the dawn of this ancient drink, but it is one of the most widespread. The story itself seems to be as old as time and has been passed down from generation to generation by the Guarani people.

Long time ago a nomadic tribe decided to leave the region in which their people had lived since ancient times. However, there was an old man ” Yar” who lacked the energy to follow his people. The tribe left Yar in the company of his daughter ” Yari”, who refused to leave him behind. One day there appeared a strange being. They treated the strange with respect, selflessly offering their hospitality and the best food they had in their humble home. As it turned out, the stranger had been sent by ” Tup” , the good God. Tup wanted to honor Yar and Yari as a present and a miracle. He granted them magical powers, which provided them with the means to always receive and provide for their visitors, and also help them to survive long periods of isolation. The blessing consisted of a new plant that would grow in the jungle: Yerba Mate. The good god taught them to prepare a stimulating and tonic beverage with this plant. This Mate beverage would become a symbol to welcome guests who entered in their home. ” Yari” became the goddess protector of Yerba mate (Caa Yari). This legend presents a kind of symbiosis in the drinking of Mate. A beautiful young woman and an old man transformed from mere mortals into gods for their generous hearts.

With the legend in mind, especially with lines like “help them to survive  long periods of isolation” it’s pretty easy to see why many people resort to the drink to try to relieve their sadness. A Yerba Mate circle is just a great way to get friends together and put sadness and loneliness behind. Mate drink is bitter and sweet, in this beverage, you will find a healthy company, even in the sad hours of the cruelest solitude. Nowadays Mate almost all over the world. In the UAE there are a few families who also get introduced to Mate. They are loving and enjoying this herbal drink.

If you wonder where to buy Mate in the UAE you will find it in most Syrians and Lebanese shops. Such as the LIFCO supermarket in Dubai and AFAMIYA Shop in Sharjah. If you decide to try the Mate, Its advisable to choose the one which is less bitter taste like, Yerba Mate tea brand Kharta Khadra.


Solaf Azzam

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