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UAE police dogs detect Covid-19 at Dubai airport

Good news: the K9 sniffer dogs can detect traces of the virus from passengers with 92 per cent accuracy, the traveller from all the word, arriving in UAE, could be among the first passengers in the world to undergo Covid-19 detection by police dogs.

K9 sniffer dogs have been stationed at airports across the country to help detect traces of the coronavirus from passenger samples. This dogs are specially trained, and they can find possible infections using swabs gathered from arriving passengers. Samples are taken in collaboration with partners from Dubai Health Authority; results are out in less than one minute.

At Dubai Airport there is a special area dedicated to detect Covid-19 using K9 police dogs, and specialised teams of police officers have been working at all airports across the country to supervise the K9 procedures.

Travellers who have a fear of dogs do not need to worry, because there isn’t direct contact between dogs and passengers. Instead, the animals are exposed to samples collected from travellers in an isolated room.


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