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UAE new 6-month visa to complete Golden Residency formalities

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Press Release


Dubai: A visa valid for six months that can be used to finalise the procedures of UAE’s golden residency has been recently launched by the UAE Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA-UAE). New visa is valid for 6 months and can be extended to facilitate completion of process.

The federal authority noted on its website that the service can be extended for a similar period. However, the six-month visa — which allows an applicant multiply entry to the UAE — can be used only to facilitate the completion for obtaining a golden residency.

ICA-UAE also enumerated those who qualify under the following categories:

Investors (public investments / real estate investor)

Entrepreneurs (owner and founder of a project)

Specialised talents (doctors / scientists)

Creative specialists in culture and art

Inventors / specialists in priority scientific fields


Ph.D. holders / Specialists in the fields of engineering and science (epidemiology and viruses / artificial intelligence / big data / computer engineering / electronics engineering / programming engineering, electrical, genetics, and biotechnology)

Outstanding students (high school students / university students).

How to apply

All step-by-step details how to apply for the special visa are available on ICA-UAE website. Applicants also have several options to obtain the information through website, service centre, call centre, smart app, and personal application at customer service centre.

Terms and conditions

ICA-UAE noted that the application will be cancelled electronically after the lapse of (30) days in the event that the application is returned due to missing data or non-completion of the required documents.

The application can also be terminated if it is returned three times due to missing data or non-completion of the required documents. Issuance fees are refunded only if the application is rejected by the ICA-UAE.


The cost for the six-month visa is Dh1,150 (issue fee Dh1,000; request fee Dh100; e-services fee Dh28 and ICA fees Dh22)


Applicants can use ICA-UAE Helpline on social media, smart app, call centre (600522222) and website (

Press Release

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