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TIDAL is now available in the UAE

TIDAL is now available in the UAE

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Ramadan Guidelines for 2022 in UAE

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Press Release


Muslims all over the world celebrated Ramadan this weekend, with the holy month beginning on Saturday, April 2nd in the United Arab Emirates. In the Islamic calendar, Ramadan is the most important month, it occurs when Muslims observe a 30-day fast from dawn to dusk. Fasting is one of Islam’s five pillars, along with daily prayer, charitable giving, faith proclamation, and the hajj trip to Mecca. With tourists flocking the nation it can only show us that the UAE is returning to normalcy. 

Ramadan is a time of reflection charity for muslims all over the world making it an excellent opportunity for tourists and expats to learn more about the culture and participate in the month’s festivities. For those breaking their fasts and others who would like to immerse themselves into the festivities the city hosts a number of Iftar & Suhoor dining experiences throughout the month. Traditional safety restrictions remain in place in the UAE, but outside mask bans have been abolished, and companies are nearly back to full capacity, enabling some Ramadan traditions, such as Iftar tents, to resume.

Other COVID requirements, The Qur’an can be distributed in mosques and chapels again, according to a prior UAE COVID update, as long as they are sterilised after usage. For the UAE Ramadan, social distance still exists. According to COVID-19, a one-metre separation between worshipers must be maintained. Throughout Ramadan, Tarawih prayers will last 45 minutes, while Tahajjud prayers will not take longer than 45 minutes on the last 10 days.

Women’s prayer halls would revert to normal during Ramadan 2022, according to the UAE Ramadan COVID-19 rules. In addition, daily mosque classes will resume after afternoon or evening prayers, as will lectures given by His Highness the President of the State’s visitors in mosques. NCEMA further revealed that Ramadan 2022 COVID rues contain the ability to deliver canned drinking water to worshipers.

For the first time since 2019, Ramadan tents will finally be permitted albeit there will still be certain restrictions in place. Although there have been no formal restrictions issues this year eating, drinking & smoking in public will still be restricted unless you are in a restaurant or an approved area. Both working hours and school hours are also significantly reduced by law during the holy month paying respect to fellow muslims that hold their fast during this time period.

Residents stated they are looking forward to contributing to charity, with almost half  indicating they will give more money this year than they did last year. Consumer behaviour may not alter much in terms of shopping, both offline and online, online meal delivery and theme park visits. According to research by RedSeer, E-commerce to increase in online sales by close to $6.2 billion during this holy month due to an increase in digital activity across multiple channels, with a frenzy of sales occurring all across the UAE from top brands like Kibsons, Noon, Eros & Sun & Sand Sports.

Visiting Dubai during Ramadan is still a wonderful experience; you’ll note how the city is exceptionally calm and tranquil throughout the day, and then bursts into life in the evening.

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