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Ramadan Guidelines for 2022 in UAE

Ramadan Guidelines for 2022 in UAE

Muslims all over the world celebrated Ramadan this weekend, with the holy month beginning on Saturday, April 2nd in the United Arab Emirates. In the Islamic calendar, Ramadan is the most important month, it occurs when Muslims observe a 30-day fast from dawn to dusk....

Natural Rosewater The Magic Potion 

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Solaf Azzam


Rosewater has been used for thousands of years, including in the Middle Ages. you most probably heard from your grandmother about. It’s been used traditionally in both beauty products and food and drink products. Rosewater is exactly as it sounds, roses + water. It gives you all the benefits of water plus the bonus of the anti-inflammatory and hydrating advantages of rose. Plus it smells awesome.

Natural products have always proved to be our best friend especially if it’s homemade. The feeling of being taken care of and in safe hands.

Pure rose water has always been one of the products which are equally important as a toothbrush.

For example at summer time in UAE Rosewater does magic for refreshing and moisturizing the face, when you store Rosewater in the fridge and the moment you enter the house spray on the face. Not only that there are a lot more benefits of rosewater and how it can be used and made. some of the benefits and tips of how to use rose water as follow

RoseWater Helps Soothe & Moisturising skin, Rosewater is a completely natural skin toner with 0 added chemicals. Rosewater toners are great in pulling out dirt and excess oils from the pores without disrupting the natural pH balance

Rosewater Gives a Natural Shine To Hair, it can be administered to the scalp to remove oil and dirt, while restoring natural shine of the hair. It can be used in regular passes or often when it feels that you need to give some rest to your hair from chemical shampoo.

It Has Antiseptic and Antibacterial properties. Rose water has antifungal and antibacterial properties that make it an active ingredient against infections at bay. Safe to apply on the wounds or scars.

It works great for tired red eyes. Replacing soaked cotton with rosewater for 10 min on the eyes helps cooling and resting for the eyes. it can be a useful alternative to using tap water to wash them clean, in case an irritant enters them. However, care must be taken that the rose water you are using is pure and without additives as the eyes are sensitive to dust and infections.

Rose Water beneficial for acne. Its cleansing properties along with the ability to remove oil, dirt and provide antibacterial respite, reduces acne and prevents future breakouts. It can be used as a toner & cleanser for the face. Ice cubed Rosewater can be used to wash the face at first early morning friendly to the skin replacing tap water.

Rose Water Soothes Skin Inflammation. You can make a prey from the pure Rosewater , and use the irritated skin that will help in reducing the redness and soothing itching at the affected area .Rose water has abundant antioxidants that help strengthen skin cells and rejuvenate skin tissues.

Rosewater Flavorful Drink. One of the benefits of rosewater beside the flavorful test of Rosewater  is it can be used to make very nutritious drinks since it’s rich in flavonoids, anti -oxidants. A simple delicious drink can be made by mixing some rose water with your drink . it can be ( water – milk – tea .. )

Some more benefits, carrying rose water in a spray bottle acts as a great face mist. It keeps your face well hydrated and your skin will feel fresh.

How to make your own homemade rose water: Letizia Freschi  from Italy sharing with us as follow

  • take the petals from 3 or 4 roses that are about to fade, and wash them gently under running water.
  • Put the petals in a saucepan, cover them with distilled water (if you don’t have it, use a very light and mineral-pure natural water), and, on low heat, bring the water to boil and put the lid on the pan.
  • After 15 minutes, turn off the heat, remove the pot from the heat and let the mixture rest with the lid on for 4 hours. After 4 hours, filter the mixture into a resealable jar or an airtight container, using gauze, and throw the petals.
  • Keep the tonic water in the fridge, and use it morning and evening putting some of it on a cotton pad and apply it on your face and décolleté, without rinsing, to have beautiful and toned skin. If you have more roses that are fading, and you find yourself creating a lot of rose water, you can always keep the excess roses water by conserving it in small jars in the freeze

Here’s a simple way to make rose water from rose petals without any chemicals that could harm your skin. Share your experience with us if you try it .

Solaf Azzam.

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