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Valentina Grippo candidata in Lazio e Veneto

Valentina Grippo candidata in Lazio e Veneto

Valentina Grippo è candidata capolista alla Camera dei Deputati nei collegi plurinominali del Lazio e del Veneto nella lista Azione – Italia Viva, guidata da Carlo Calenda, nonché nel collegio uninominale 07 di Roma. È stata tra le fondatrici del partito di Azione, di...

Italy is simply extraordinary: beIT

The Embassy of Italy to the UAE, in collaboration with ITA-Italian Trade Agency Dubai, launches nation branding campaign “Italy is simply extraordinary: beIT” in the UAE. It’s a land of culture, great architecture and even better landscapes but there’s so much more to Italy than what meets the eye. Look past its Roman icons and world-famous fashion and you’ll discover a nation applauded for its innovation, diversity, technology and sustainability. Now, the beIT campaign is preparing to take the magic of Italy to the UAE.The nine-month global campaign, in support of Made in Italy, will promote Italian products and industries abroad, attracting investment and strengthening exports and tourism. In the UAE, the campaign will be officially launched at the iconic Armani Hotel in Dubai on February 9th.

The launch dinner, hosted inside Dubai’s architectural jewel Burj Khalifa, will be attended by H.E. Nicola Lener, Ambassador of Italy to the UAE, and a select group of media and influencers, revealing the new brand identity that will showcase the best of Italy to the world.

The campaign will be developed in two phases. The first focuses on Italy’s extraordinary values of creativity, innovation, heritage, passion, style and diversity. The second unfolds across a series of targeted campaigns aimed at promoting specific production chains of strategic interest for Made in Italy, such as fashion and luxury, sustainable infrastructures, and healthcare and wellness. The value phase will run until March 2022; the vertical campaigns will be active from March to August 2022.

H.E. Nicola Lener, Italian Ambassador for the United Arab Emirates, commented: “The campaign, launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in conjunction with the Italian Trade Agency, aims to present a new and updated image of Italy to the world, building on the values for which it is already celebrated and highlighting its most innovative and advanced sectors. The UAE has been selected as one of the few target countries for the campaign and we are proud to share the values, talents and potential of Italy with this extraordinary country. By highlighting Italy’s values of creativity, passion, heritage, style, innovation and diversity, we will enhance Italy’s abilities across all sectors and foster useful contacts for business development.”

 As the campaign progresses, Italy’s curiosity, creativity, expertise and imagination will be put on the global stage, building on the country’s legacy as a leader in innovation and craftsmanship.

Today, Italy has more than 105,000 high-tech companies and is the fastest growing life science sector in Europe, as well as being a leader in renewable energy, the pharmaceutical industry and robotics. It boasts a vibrant trade relationship with the UAE, which is the first destination market of its exports in the MENA region, with hundreds of Italian companies successfully operating in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

In the design and manufacturing industries, Italy’s creativity and ingenuity is the crux of its success. From artisans who practice age-old traditions such as Murano glass to the high-tech engineering of its world-class cars and motorbikes, Italian craftsmanship is synonymous with excellence. Italy’s creativity is also showcased in its food culture, combining iconic products such as pizza and pasta with a vibrant culinary scene and one of the world’s most sustainable food production value chains, with innovations and expertise ready to be shared internationally. From its pioneering research and tech centres to the skill and creativity synonymous with Italian design, Italy is a global hub for innovation. Now we can experience the best of it in the UAE.

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