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Ramadan Guidelines for 2022 in UAE

Ramadan Guidelines for 2022 in UAE

Muslims all over the world celebrated Ramadan this weekend, with the holy month beginning on Saturday, April 2nd in the United Arab Emirates. In the Islamic calendar, Ramadan is the most important month, it occurs when Muslims observe a 30-day fast from dawn to dusk....

TIDAL is now available in the UAE

TIDAL is now available in the UAE

Global music and entertainment streaming service, TIDAL, is available for music fans and artists in the UAE. Launched in 2015, this is the first time the global platform will be available in the region. Music fans never have to miss a beat by listening to their...

Good Manners for Islam people and in all over the world

Manners are a way of doing something or way of behavior, etiquette or it could be a person’s outward way of behaving toward others.

Good manners are as different as the people who show them. Eskimo people rub noses when greeting each other, the Japanese always take off their shoes before entering a house, and Thai citizens will never show off their shoe soles — it’s considered inappropriate.

The issue of good manners is very important In Islam; it is the basis of one’s success in his daily life through which someone could make a distinctive place in the Islamic community.  

Dealing others with good manners means to put them at ease the way that Islam recommended us to deal with. It is not just the important part of our religion Islam but also makes our social life more pleasant.

Conducting good manners is not easy because it takes time.

There is no one in a good manner than our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Allah Almighty said in Holy Quran:  “And indeed, you are of a great moral character” (Quran, 68:4).

Good manners or Adab consists of spreading words of peace, reviving broken relationships between people, involves praying for other Muslim brothers and sisters, advising and calling each other to do good and to stop which is evil.

Good manners are about respecting parents, elders, neighbors and showing love and compassion to the young ones. Visiting the sick and abstaining from evils such as backbiting and slandering also includes in good manners. Allah loves those who possess these great qualities.

Nevertheless, there are some etiquette rules that should be followed no matter what nationality you are. Everyone should want to be a polite person after all!

We at Marco Polo Experience want to direct your attention to some disregarded etiquette norms that have become common and welcome in the present day.

This is how to deal with our smart phone:

  • Always carry your bag on your left arm or shoulder so that your right hand is free for handshakes.
  • Never carry a woman’s bag if you’re a man, even if you love her dearly. This doesn’t include heavy shopping bags though. Don’t place your bag on the table or on the floor next to you in a restaurant. Either hang it on your chair or on the hook that you sometimes find on the side of or directly underneath the table.

Showing respect at the gym. If you are late to a group exercise class doesn’t mean you have to barge your way through all the people toward your favorite spot. It’s your fault, so just take whatever space is available and don’t block the equipment. When you’ve finished using the weight machines, re-set them to the minimum weight. Use a towel to wipe your sweat from all handles and equipment surfaces.

As members of society, we are expected to behave in a certain way in public places when we’re surrounded by people, instead of in the comfort of our own homes like facing other people and not turning your back toward them or not talking on your phone, commenting on what’s happening in front of you, or chatting with neighbors. 

About dealing with invitations there are 2 types of invitations: “Regrets only” and “RSVP.” Both require an answer if you want to be a nice person or wish to be invited to an event in the future.

Judging by the time we all spend eating out these days, it’s only right to learn some guidelines to follow. If you need to leave the table for some time, put the napkin on the chair. With your fork, you are supposed to put it on the plate if you need to take a break from eating. And if you aren’t sure which fork to use for which dish – just start with the one farthest to the plate and then work your way in. When you come to someone’s house for dinner always notify the host about the foods you can’t eat due to health issues. It will save you both a lot of trouble.

When standing in line at a coffeeshop, don’t talk on the phone. Don’t bring your pets (mostly dogs) with you everywhere you go. The number of people in the world is constantly increasing, so it’s only natural to want to learn how to coexist together.

We hope these easy-to-follow pieces of behavioral advice will be of help.

Patrizia Marin

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