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Celebrate the International Coffee Day

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Dubai restaurants no screen off dining areas during Ramadan fasting hours

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Press Release


Restaurants in Dubai do not require to screen off their dining areas during the Holy Month of Ramadan fasting hours.

Previously, all restaurants were required to raise screens or curtains,  and segregate dining areas that were open to only non-fasting members of the community.

The directive was issued yesterday, by way of a circular to establishments in the emirate from the Dubai’s Department of Economic Development (Dubai Economy) yesterday, and also it stated that restaurants are also not required to obtain a permit to serve food to customers during the Ramadan fasting hours.

This new circular replaces circulars issued in previous years that have required restaurants to block dining areas from the sight of those who are fasting.

The directive will go into effect effect from the first day of the Holy Month of  Ramadan.

During Ramadan, restaurants, cafés, shisha cafés and hotels in Dubai have been directed to close by 4am, with last order at 3 am.

Press Release

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