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Ramadan Guidelines for 2022 in UAE

Ramadan Guidelines for 2022 in UAE

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Forum italiano export a Dubai

Forum italiano export a Dubai

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Bella Restaurant & Lounge, Glamour, luxury and elegance

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Press Release


The glamorous new spot in Dubai will offer its visitors a chance to dine, drink and socialise.

Looking for a new day-to-night social spot? New Italian restaurant, Bella Restaurant & Lounge is set to open in Dubai’s Business Bay soon. Nestled on the 20th floor of the Grand Millennium Hotel Business Bay, visitors will be treated to views of the Dubai city skyline and Burj Khalifa.

The considerable space, which used to be occupied by Mexican restaurant Chingon, will consist of a loft-like lounge area and a dining room and bar. The lounge will feature a cool bar, a private dining setting, alcove seating and a DJ booth.

As well as the lounge area and terrace, the dining room and bar will offer amazing views at the sparkling Dubai skyscrapers. One of the coolest things about this new Italian haunt is that it boasts a fully-retractable glass ceiling, meaning you can look up into the velvety night sky.

The menu will boast classic Italian dishes with Asian influences and was created by Chef Alessandro Miceli. As well as dining, Bella’s will serve up specially-crafted cocktails and drinks, for those looking for a nightlife spot or an after-work tipple.

The venue was named ‘Bella’s’ after its Italian socialite owner. She said, “I wanted a place that could handle my mood swings, a place where I could really reach for the stars.” The space is designed to be the perfect place for all of your socialising moods.

Glamour, luxury and elegance have been at the heart of the interiors and design. From the plush brown velvet sofas on the terrace, to the green foliage draping down from the rafters and the luxury marble bar, lit up in amber, to the cool stenciling on the walls.

Bella’s Restaurant & Lounge, 20th floor, Grand Millennium Hotel Business Bay, Dubai.

Press Release

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