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World Cup Apes NFTs as a new form of art and the opportunities

On 20 September from 6pm World Cup Apes EVENT in a prestigious and original venue as Foundry Art Gallery in downtown, in Dubai.

Together with ECOX, Luca Picasso and Daniele Mangano will present NFTs as a new form of art and the opportunities offered by blockchain to the fields of sport and fashion.

World Cup Apes project has already sold all NFTs collection and now is launching its crypto and setting up a football investments company with FIFA agents and football players.

Top speakers, delicious catering, dj and a glamorous fashion show made by Milano’s Mad Mood Fashion Week.

The World Cup Apes project was born with the idea of ​​bringing value and profit to all its participants.

Football is the wealth of the few. To ensure equal access to the world of football, we need a better trading system and technological innovation. The unprecedented marriage between blockchain and football, in which NFT technology is a primary representative, is reshaping the world of the sector, making this world accessible to all.

World Cup Apes is the answer, basically based on 3 steps:

– Sale of NFTs

– Creation and farming of the WCA Token

– Creation of an investment fund for the acquisition of sports rights

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