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WCA: NFT, Blockchain, Sport and Fashion

WCA: NFT, Blockchain, Sport and Fashion

The WCA - World Cup Apes EVENT was held on 20 September in the prestigious and original venue Foundry Art Gallery in downtown, in Dubai. Together with ECOX, and in partnership with Marco Polo Experience, Luca Picasso and Daniele Mangano presented NFTs as a new form of...

Global Blockchain Congress on November 8th & 9th, 2021 in Dubai

Agora is hosting its eighth edition of the digital asset investor outlook event, the Global Blockchain Congress on November 8th & 9th, 2021 in Dubai.

The first seventh editions of the Global Blockchain Congress were a tremendous success and Agora hosted more than 500 investors and 100 amazing blockchain projects from all corners of the world. Join on November 8th and 9th for another event focused on investment. At the center of the digital asset class, Agora’s Global Blockchain Congress brings +100 institutional investors, hedge funds, high networth individuals, venture capitalists, private equity firms, family and asset managers together and other attendees the chance to get acquainted with how to invest, store, trade and judge value in this new asset class. Ultimately, attendees will walk away with a richer idea of what to expect beyond 2021.

The 8th Edition of the Global Blockchain Congress is a two-day, exclusive, closed door conference that will gather the best and the brightest in the Blockchain and DeFi space to discuss ideas and investment opportunities that will shape our future.

The growth of the digital asset class has been indisputable with the industry’s estimated value reaching a new record of over $2 Trillion on March 31st 2021, as measured by total cryptocurrency market capitalization.

Digital Assets are already disrupting traditional financial services, and they have a key role to play in the future growth of the sector. This year, Decentralized finance (DeFi) has grown enormously in size and number. Today, the total value locked in DeFi contracts is more than $40b.

As the DeFi space heats up, we see every public Blockchain attempting to threaten Ethereum’s dominance. People began to exhibit interest in the gaming market again after the success of the Axie Infinity game, thanks to the “Play To Earn” trend. Following DeFi and CeFi, all eyes are now on a new concept known as “GameFi.”

So, what exactly is GameFi? The MENA region is experiencing rapid growth in digital assets that had its share of exciting developments in 2020. In fact, the EMEA share has shown the biggest jump from 19% to 25% of the total funding deals with the UAE being at the forefront of this growth.

There has been a lot going on both in the crypto assets and the blockchain scenes in the region during 2020 and leading into 2021. The Covid 19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the world economy but has had no significant negative impact on Digital Assets, including Bitcoin, which registered its highest price since January 2018.

Businesses dealing with crypto assets can now obtain bespoke licenses o‑ered by the DMCC Crypto Centre in Dubai. The DMCC free zone signed a MoU with the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) to establish a regulatory framework for businesses o‑ering, issuing, listing, and trading crypto assets in DMCC.

Working closely with DMCC’s onboarding teams, the SCA will issue approvals for crypto-related businesses seeking to establish themselves in DMCC. The SCA will subsequently regulate the crypto activities in line with their policies that were introduced in October 2020 to develop an integrated ecosystem for the crypto and blockchain industries.

What’s new in this edition? Agora is accustomed to being the first in the Blockchain ecosystem to address newest developments in this space and to leading all other events in providing relevant and informative content that will keep pour investors and delegates at the forefront of the industry. So, in this edition, we are shedding light on some of the hottest new topics in this space and we will focus on GameFi and Sustainability of the Bloockchain Ecosystem.

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