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CC Forum Investment in Sustainable Development

CC Forum Investment in Sustainable Development

6th edition of CC Forum «Investment in Sustainable Development» will take place in Сote d’Azur on 6-8 July 2021 back to back with Cannes film festival. The event follows CC Forum’s highly successful in-person editions in Dubai (April 2021), Monte-Carlo under the High...

Dubai’s wasl properties rents out 126 homes in 6 hours

During the “Summer Deal’s” campaign promoted by Dubai Government last Thursday 20 August, was owned wasl properties has rented out 126 homes  in six hours.

On the day of the campaign, wasl properties was offeredwith a  5 – 10 per cent discounts on the rental fee, depending on the location, property type, and size of the unit, and the possibility of making payments through 12 cheques.

Potential tenants can reserve their desired units by submitting all the required personal details as well as settle and receive their lease contracts in a few minutes. Moreover, to ensure transparency, wasl livestreamed the leasing process and performance on Instagram.

In all, the developer had reserved 500 units as part of the campaign, and will be extending the campaign until August 27. Wasl expects to lease an additional 200 units. And existing tenants can also benefit from these offers by moving to new units, upgrading, or downgrading based on their desired units and locations.

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