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WCA: NFT, Blockchain, Sport and Fashion

WCA: NFT, Blockchain, Sport and Fashion

The WCA - World Cup Apes EVENT was held on 20 September in the prestigious and original venue Foundry Art Gallery in downtown, in Dubai. Together with ECOX, and in partnership with Marco Polo Experience, Luca Picasso and Daniele Mangano presented NFTs as a new form of...

Blockchain Economy Expo

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Press Release


We are excited to share the pride of hosting our upcoming event – the “Blockchain Economy Expo”.  Thiswill be the First Blockchain Exhibition in the “World Expo” history. The Blockchain Economy Expo will be held as part of the World Expo on November 14-15, 2021 in Dubai Exhibition Centre.

The WORLD EXPO is being held for 170 years and for the 1st time, blockchain will be introduced to the world at the same level as countries, international organizations and other traditional businesses. The Blockchain Economy World Expo will welcome more than 40,000 Visitors, 300 Exhibitors, 4,000 companies, 70 NFT Artists from 150 countries – it will be the first time that crypto community from so many nations will congregate under one roof. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for all of us to come together and redefine the financial and technological world of the future.

Expo 2020 Dubai was planned to start on October 2020, however because of covid-19 pandemic it was delayed till October 2021. And now, Expo 2020 Dubai was officially launched on October 1, 2021.

For 170 years, World Expos have served as a demonstration for the greatest innovations that have formed the world in many ways. Expo 2020 Dubai will carry on that tradition by showcasing cutting-edge technology from around the world. The Expo 2020 Dubai is the place to display your wares and make strong meaningful connections at the highest level you can envision. It will be the world’s largest expo ever hosted. Expo 2020 is expected to attract 25.2 million visitors from all over the world, representing more than 191 countries, making it an extraordinary networking opportunity.

The event will be streamed live, and virtual visitors are expected to reach 150 million people. CNN, the world’s leading news network, will cover Expo 2020 Dubai in a unique way across all platforms.

Blockchain Economy Expo will be the most global blockchain event ever. It is the place where you can highlight your products and services globally and benefit from the genuinely professional connections. Exhibiting at Blockchain Economy World Expo you will gain a chance:

As the most innovative and technological Event of the Expo 2020 Dubai, we offer talented NFT artists an opportunity to present their digital Art in front of the visitors from 191 countries. Not a small number of NFT events have been taking place since the outbreak of this technology. But here is our difference: none of the previous NFT events had this big and global audience for you to present your Artwork.

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