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Fintech Week 28 29 Jun 2022 Dubai

Fintech Week 28 29 Jun 2022 Dubai

DIFC FinTech Week is a thought-leadership-driven, business-focused summit that deep dives into the latest challenges and technology trends in the Middle East's financial services sector. Connecting global fintech innovators with enterprises, investors, policy makers...

4th edition Global DEFI Investment Summit

4th edition Global DEFI Investment Summit

Following the success of three editions of Global DeFi Investment Summit, where Blockchain pioneers, Cypto projects, VC's, Business entrepreneurs gathered to discuss DeFi, Metaverse, Gamefi, NFTs, Web 3.0,the hottest topics, within the blockchain ecosystem,...

Meet the 11 Italian Startups selected out of 250 globally to be accelerated in the first G2G program in Dubai and granted the Golden Visa

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Press Release


Meet the 11 Italian Startups selected out of 250 globally to be accelerated in the first G2G program in Dubai and granted the Golden Visa

 The first Government-to-Government acceleration programme ran by Dubai Future Accelerators part of the Dubai Future Foundation at their AREA 2071 ecosystem platform in collaboration with the Italian Trade Agency concluded 26 workshops, more than 120 one-on-one meetings, more than 200 hours of programming, and resulted in investment and commercial agreements and partnerships as well as Golden Visas for the startups. Know more about them here:


ICT – Blockchain

BCC Studio is a BlockChain Agency, which targets blockchain based projects aimed at adding value to “Real World” projects. Selected projects are empowered in a full-stack process, from the first check whether technology is worth using, until final entrance in the crypto-verse.


Circular Economy – Foodtech – Smart Agriculture

Biopic™ “The resilient company”, Technology (in) (2 Patent and 1 software right) Improve urban living environment and mitigate global warming with fully utilized space Technology and Knowledge for RoofTop, Underground, home/office/growing device. Help to promote higher work efficiency, social interaction, future sustainability and will engage the wider community by showcasing the benefits and technology of smart urban growing. Biopic Mars Farm (

FindMyLost –

ICT-Smart Cities-Sharing Economy-Travel

FindMyLost is the first Digital Lost Property tool for Business and Consumer, the only platform that allows you to get your lost item back. FindMyLost provides its service, among others, to airlines, municipalities, airports, transport companies, hotels, cars sharing and rental, shopping centres, universities, etc. The Platform also includes a consumer concept where, through the community, the finder can get in direct contact with the rightful owner, return the item and potentially receive a reward.


ICT- Data Economy

Geeks Academy, founded in 2016, offers a range of post-diploma blended courses and certifications both part-time and full-time, in the fields of: cyber security & cloud, blockchain & coding, data science & artificial intelligence, gaming & virtual reality.
Geeks Academy is transforming the way people access the new professions of the Data Economy by creating diversified opportunities regardless of the type of previous education and occupation. So far it has trained over 1000 people and are all successfully working. An audience composed of both workers aiming to reskilling or upskilling and post-diploma students starting from scratch who have been trained up to Junior level to be ready to work in the related field. Tuition language: English and Italian.


Energy, R&D

MIEEG is an innovative startup that aims to develop the tiniest, most powerful and sustainable energy generator ever. It may solve issues as the batteries’ autonomy, its recharge, weight and volume or, in addition, may improve the sustainable energy systems efficiency and productivity. MIEEG generator is tiny and powerful, has scalable dimension and power, can be powered by green propellant (hydrocarbons, h2, water, blends) and is patented.It could be applied to multiple market segments like automotive, aerospace, biomedical, smart buildings and telco.


ICT – Artificial Intelligence

Pigro helps people find clear-cut answers inside the ever-growing organizations’ knowledge bases making it possible to query a company’s digital documents in natural language in an easy and effective way. Pigro can automatically import all of the company’s documents in any format from any repository and automatically learn from the content. The system is multi-channel, it can be installed both on the Web and on mobile platforms (messenger, telegram, native apps), it is multilingual and cross-industry thanks to its proprietary AI.



SYMBIAGRO is an Italian company in green biotechnologies applied to agriculture with the aim at enhancing quality and cultivation yield into healthier conditions and into a more biodiverse ecosystem through continuous innovation.

SYMBRIAGO develops innovative formulations that, when applied to plants and soils, increase agricultural productivity and restore fertility in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.


Smart Cities, IoT, BIM

Strategic BIM is an innovative startup, entirely composed by under 35, for assets and buildings’ management. We create and update digital twins of existing buildings, supporting buildings’ owners reducing building management costs through our Platform usage “Strategic Twin”. We allow buildings’ owners to manage buildings from anywhere.

Tolemaica –

ICT – Big data – Digital Solutions of Legal Certification

Tolemaica is the owner of the patented IAC (Instant Automatic Certification) technology that allows you to certify with legal value, automatically and instantly, the date and place of images (photographs / videos) and audio (sounds / calls) collected with smartphones and other devices such as drones, action cameras, satellites, scanners, cameras, PDAs, etc.


ICT – Big data – social network

e-commerce: Big Data Analysis applied to Social Network

UOSE is a Social Network of “communities”, UOSE is an aggregator of verticalized contents: UOSE differs from other competitors because the focus is not on the single individual but on his/her belonging to specific thematic groups.

UOSE provides a marketplace that bases its foundations on the development, management and promotion of targeted content.

UOSE operates in the Big Data sector through the management and the analysis of data relating to the profiling of users of the social network.

Your Interests, Our JOB


Lifescience – Healthcare: medical solutions 4.0

VALIAMO is an exciting and innovative Italian manufacturer of Hospital Equipment, Home Care and Medical Solutions using Artificial Intelligence and high technology. VALIAMO is a science-led healthcare company and the mission is to help people feel better inside hospital, live longer, improving the work of nursing staff and optimize the hospital efficiency


The Global Startup Program is an integrated development project, promoted by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and organized by the Italian Trade Agency to support innovative Italian startups in different sectors with a better understanding of the international market, best practices and experience in the innovation and entrepreneurship sector. The program further supports the companies with investment opportunities, enabling them to expand their business around the world.


ITA – Italian Trade Agency is the Governmental Agency that supports the business development of Italian companies abroad and promotes foreign investments in Italy. With a motivated and modern organization and a widespread network of overseas offices, ITA provides information, assistance, consulting, promotion and training to Italian small and medium-sized businesses. Furthermore, ITA assists foreign investors to establish or expand their operations in italian economy, guiding them throughout the full investment life cycle. ITA acts in accordance and under the aegis of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

AREA 2071, a platform for designing the future              

 Dubai Future Foundation’s innovation ecosystem, AREA 2071 was launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai to drive global change through collaborative engagements between the public and private sectors, startups, entrepreneurs and innovators.

AREA 2071 brings together talent, government, the private sector and other great minds to collaborate in designing and testing innovative solutions for the future. It also creates strategic collaborations, provides growth opportunities and tools for its community to be future ready. AREA 2071 is home to some of the region’s most innovative initiatives.

Visit AREA 2071 website to know more:

Dubai Future Foundation:

GLOBAL PARTNERS INVESTMENTS LIMITED                                              

 G.P.I. Global Partners Investments Limited is an asset allocator and FDI-PA Foreign Direct Investment Promotion Agency for governments and sovereigns across all the invest-able universe of asset classes. It advises treasuries, sovereigns, funds, institutions, corporate VCs, family businesses and family offices, as well as UHNWIs Ultra High Net Worth Individuals on strategic and tactical asset allocation and fund / manager selection, as well as establishing intergovernmental and / or bilateral cooperation and collaboration on Alliances and Partnerships or JV Joint Venture basis to promote the investment industry on a domestic, international, and global scale.

Press Release

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