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Future Innovation Summit 2022/ The rule of  IASC in Creating a Digital United Nation

The Private Office of Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohamed Al Qasimi, a business enabler of the UAE growth and economic diversification from the family ruler in the emirate of Sharjah, under the leadership of Adnan Al Noorani, will host the Future Innovation Summit on May 11th-12th, 2022 at Meydan Hotel, Dubai.

The event, aimed to discuss the future of humanity, brings together UAE key decision-makers from the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Energy, Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre, RTA, Dubai Municipality, Dubai Sustainable City, Smart Dubai Government, key opinion leaders, investors, businessmen, and entrepreneurs from all over the world. International speakers will share their ideas and vision on how we can collaborate and improve the lives of humankind.

The Future Innovation Summit is bringing President of Interpol H.E. Major Gen. Dr. Ahmed Nasser Al Raisi, Asst. Undersecretary for Medical Practice in UAE Ministry of Health H.E. Dr. Amin Hussain Al Aimri, Managing Director and CIO of Dubai Group, H.E. Khalid Al Shamsi,  World Bank Association, Royal Families of UAE, Government Representatives from Europe, the USA, CIS countries, representatives of the largest companies, such as NASA, Roscosmos, Microsoft, Marvel, Disney, Forbes, Bloomberg, VISA, United Nations, UNESCO, and many others into one place to speak about the future of innovations and human development.

‘We are so excited about the second edition of Future Innovation Summit. We look forward to meeting the experts from Space, Sustainability, and Metaverse industries. We believe that together we will be able to discover new opportunities for a brighter future of humanity’ – Adnan Al Noorani.

In partnership with governments of several countries, such as Malta and Mexico, Future Innovation Summit is a unique platform representing UAE for organizations, businesses, and individuals alike to share their expertise, knowledge, technologies and lay a foundation for future vision and innovation for the world in the industries, such as space, sustainability, and metaverse.

We are honored that our president of  “Institute for Advance Studies and Cooperation”, Professor Gabriele Pao Pei Andreoli is invited as a speaker at the Future Innovation Summit this year, where he will speak about complex adaptive systems, cyber security, digital information and communications.

According to Andreoli, this “information society” is based more and more on technology, on the artificial intelligence, on the digital and virtual reality as the so called “Metaverse” gains popularity and invades the physical world, vulnerability grows exponentially. It is not just a psychological dependency it has become physical, it is changing the way we function, we are becoming dependent from our own technology.

No one is exempt from manipulations, no one is safe from cyber-attacks, no one is secure from the misuse of personal data, no one is immune to abuse from the digital supremacy of dominating bodies. Therefore, Andreoli invites for a common safe base where to advance independent discussions, platforms and projects where to experiment and get to know each other, we need competent ambassadors of good will.

“We should have the courage to create a digital United Nation. And when I say we, I mean everyone!”– says Andreoli

The Future Innovation Summit presents all with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to extend the network in sphere of interest.

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