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Dubai: Developments and Explore Ways of restoring tourism confidence and accelerating growth

Public health and safety are Dubai’s utmost priority, and the UAE deploy the most stringent international standards in safeguarding all their people at all times. Dubai authorities are diligently monitoring, and continuously adapting our response protocols to align with the latest guidance from the World Health Organisation (WHO) so that the city can continue to successfully contain outbreak risk within our communities, for both residents and visitors. 

Millions from around the globe have placed trust in UAE by including Dubai in their must-visit destination list each year, for this reason UAE want to assure its guests of Dubai’s operational readiness and systemic resilience to ensure its well-being, when it is deemed safe for them to travel from their countries.

The main government body regulating tourism in Dubai is the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM). As well as setting the sector’s strategic direction, analysing its performance, and licensing and classifying tourism services such as hotels and tour operators, the DTCM markets and promotes Dubai internationally as a destination for tourism and commerce.

To this end, it operates 20 offices worldwide. As part of its overarching mission of “strengthening Dubai’s economy by attracting tourists and inward investment” to the emirate, the DTCM’s vision is to attract 20m visitors and “establish Dubai as the leading destination for global travel, business and events by 2020”.

Looking beyond 2020, the DTCM revealed new tourism targets in October 2018, seeking to attract 21m-23m visitors by 2022 and 23m-25m visitors by 2025. By realising these targets the department hopes to see Dubai become the most visited city in the world. According to the 2019 Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index published in September 2019, Dubai was the fourth-most visited city in the world in 2018 with 15.93m visitors, a 1.68% increase, after London, Paris and Bangkok, which hosted 19.09m, 19.10m and 22.78m international overnight visitors, respectively.

In the last days the DTCM held a virtual meeting with key aviation and hospitality partners on Monday to discuss current and post-pandemic strategies and joint initiatives aimed at ensuring the tourism industry’s gradual return to normality.

The meeting also discussed global efforts to minimise the transmission of Covid-19 and precautionary measures deployed to safeguard the health of communities across the UAE.

Presided over by the director general of DTCM, Helal Saeed Almarri, the meeting was attended by key executives of hospitality groups including Jumeirah, Emaar Hospitality Group, Marriott International, Millennium, Accor, JA Resorts and Hotels, Kerzner International, Al Habtoor Group, Wasl and Rotana, in addition to aviation sector players like Emirates, flydubai and Dubai International Airport.

The partners were briefed on the phased approach being adopted to reopen the tourism sector in Dubai and the marketing communications and activities in progress across key markets to reinforce Dubai’s high global profile, including the ongoing #Till We Meet Again digital activation.

With the hospitality sector being a key pillar of Dubai’s economy, the discussions between DTCM and partners focused on the steps being taken to pave the way for the reopening of hotels and other tourism facilities across the city, while ensuring adherence to the strictest guidelines and providing opportunities to revive domestic market demand.

As part of overall efforts to create a positive perception and a conducive environment aimed at instilling confidence among travellers who plan to visit Dubai, the meeting also looked at various precautionary measures that have been implemented, both at a citywide level and across specific sectors including tourism, which represent critical touchpoints for visitors and residents during their stay.

In the meeting the participants were agreed to also agreed that the postponement of Expo 2020 was prudent and well-received. The main purpose of the marketing perspective is to ensure the safety and security according to the clear stringent health and safety protocols issued by the Dubai Health Authority based on international standards and best practices aimed at containing the contagion.

The meeting also discussed about the mechanism to ensure adherence to the guidelines monitoring passengers at Dubai International Airport Industry.

The businesses also reiterated their support to Dubai Tourism to kick-start the sector with collaborative development of promotional programmes and strong customised packages that take into account the current realities of the global market.

The stakeholders were unanimous that there was positive sentiment surrounding Dubai as a key destination in the international circuit thanks to the city’s world-class health infrastructure, and protocols and processes deployed during the management of this pandemic.

We are sure that Dubai will remain a world-leading tourist destination, as they stress that health and safety will be to the fore.

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