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50 Top Pizza World 2022

50 Top Pizza World 2022

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22/02/2022 Dubai’s Museum of the Future

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Press Release


Dubai’s Museum of the Future officially opens today, Tuesday, February 22, with tickets now on sale and doors open to the public from February 23, with opening hours from 10am to 6pm. For now, visitors do not need to show a Covid-19 vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test result to enter.

The striking structure stands 78 metres and was named as one of the 14 most beautiful museums on the planet in a list compiled by National Geographic magazine in July.

It promises visitors an immersive experience that uses technology to represent art and encourages guests to imagine what the future could be like in topics such as outer space, nature and wellness.

Inside five of the seven floors are the main exhibition spaces, each designed to resemble a futuristic film set. It takes two to three hours to experience the museum. Visitors can stay as long as they like.

The museum takes visitors on a journey to the year 2071 and creates scenarios of what the future could be like in topics such as outer space resource development, ecosystems and bioengineering, health, wellness and spirituality.

One of the outer space-themed exhibitions is called “New Moon” and shows how the Moon could be transformed into a source of renewable energy for the entire planet.

The immersive experience recreates what it might look like inside a space station 600 kilometres above the Earth, as they “gaze out of the window” to see the Moon.

A nature-themed exhibition shows a mixed reality recreation of the Amazon rainforest, where the visitors can explore the interaction of hundreds of species and observe details invisible to the naked eye.

Another area is called “The Centre” and allows visitors to experience restorative effects of movement, meditation and water by immersing in vibrations that rebalance their electromagnetic fields.

The first floor of the museum is dedicated to a children’s exhibition “Future Heroes”. Access is included in the ticket price. Children can play and learn through activities that encourage communication, collaboration and creativity. The free play area has “future heroes experts guides” that help children work together to achieve a mission.

Entry to the museum costs Dh145, but is complimentary for children under the age of 3, people of determination and Emiratis aged 60 and older. The tickets are on sale on the museum’s website All visitors, including those eligible for free admission, must book a time slot to enter the museum.

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